Fresh Cushion Refillable Cool Pillow


Introducing the new Fresh Cushion refillable cool pillow from TheBestStock! It’s a cushion that can be refilled with water to be used as a long-lasting cool pillow. The colder the water, the longer and more intense the cool effect of this pillow will be. It’s very comfortable and soft, perfect for relaxing and resting. This cool cushion is great for summer. Use it as a pillow on hot summer nights or also to relieve headaches, fever or stress.

The Fresh Cushion refillable cool pillow is very practical, lightweight and user-friendly. It’s easy to refill and can be fully folded when it’s empty, which makes storage and carrying easier. The cool pillow is made of a special material with a plastic surface on one side and a velvet-like surface on the other. This pillow measures about 52 x 35 cm.

TheBestStock gives you like this refillable cool pillow and many other health and well-being products at the best prices. TheBestStock is the leading saler in Europe. If you’re interested, learn more on our website or contact our sales department.


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