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  • If you have a dog accessories shop, you will find interesting new products available wholesale at TheBestStock, such as the Click & Treat pet food launcher! Another big hit from the prestigious My Pet Ez range. It works very simply: just fill the container with food (or other type of reward), slide the lever across and press the button to launch the contents, so that your pet runs in search of it and gets its reward.

    • Made of methacrylate
    • Approx. dimensions: 5 x 18 x 11 cm
  • Buy the latest accessories for pets on the market wholesale at TheBestStock, such as the Comb & Cut electric comb and knot cutter for dogs! A practical and convenient comb for dogs from the great pets line, My Pet Ez. Ideal for pets with long hair as it combs and cuts out knots gently, preventing the painful pulling of conventional combs.

    • Integrated cutting blades
    • Button for activating cutting mechanism
    • Battery operated (4 x AAA, not included)
    • Approx. dimensions: 5 x 23 x 2.5 cm
  • If you care about your pet, get the convenient My Pet Bristles pet hair removal brush at TheBestStock! This cat and dog brush has very thin rounded-tip metal bristles to brush your pet gently removing dead hair and dirt while massaging without irritating the skin. Its design fully suits those special needs of your pet. In addition, it’s self-cleaning. Simply press the button and the hair will be released automatically.

    With My Pet Bristles your pet will always have soft, clean and shiny hair, without knots or tangles. This pet hair removal brush is suitable for any type of hair (short, long, curly, dry, wet, etc.). It includes a removable accessory to avoid damaging your pet’s skin when brushing it. Now you can get the best cat or dog grooming easily and comfortably! With the incredible My Pet Bristles pet hair removal brush you’ll get excellent results like a pro! Made of plastic. Measures: Approx. 10 x 18 x 3 cm.

    Buy our pet accessories wholesale at the best prices. Learn more about our dropshipping services and all the advantages of our wholesale packs for distributors.

  • If you love animals and want to set up a pet accessories at TheBestStock you’ll find a wide assortment of animal health and care products. Let us introduce the original My Pet EZ arch cat massager available wholesale from our online store. My Pet EZ never ceases to amaze with its unique products exclusively dedicated to our pets and, in this case, they’ve focused their attention on our feline friends.

    With this durable plastic massager, cats can get rid of excess hair every time they pass under it, as its robust bristles provide a pleasant massage, combing and caressing them. Includes 1 bag of catnip that is inserted into the hole located on the base of the arch massager. This plant gives off a strong minty smell that delights cats and will entice them to scratch their claws on the carpet base. It has anti-slip feet. Approx. dimensions: 36 x 37 x 28 cm. Approx. space under the arch (width x height): 17 x 27 cm.

    Extra courier box: Apart from the product packaging, this item includes an additional reinforced cardboard box for extra protection in shipments made by courier or transport agencies. It is excellent for customers who buy large quantities from TheBestStock and ship the items to the final customer from their warehouse or logistics department. This way you will not need to spend money on cardboard boxes or padded packaging.

  • The Best Stock presents the ideal product dedicated to taking care of pets’ hygiene, for your e-commerce. Introducing My Pet Paws Pet Pedicure at wholesale on our website. The trauma of having to go to the vets to cut cats’ and dogs’ nails can now be avoided. Cut your pets’ nails at home, so they feel safer.

    This nail cutter for pets avoids hurting animals’ paws caused by nail growth. It’s quick, easy and simple to use and doesn’t hurt your pet in any way. Just by putting your pet’s nail into the nail clipper, My Pet Paws pet pedicure will cut it, leaving the remains in the device, being totally hygienic. Battery-operated (2 x C batteries, not included).

  • Buy Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Rollers (3 pieces) at wholesale price. Sticky Clean Rollers is the ideal accessory for your home. It has been designed to collect lint and animal hair from your carpets, car seats and clothes. Ideal to remove threads, animal hair, crumbs, cat sand, cobwebs, etc. Sticky Clean Rollers can be reused so you’ll save a lot of money. Just put it under the tap, let it dry and it’ll be ready to use. Sticky Clean Rollers features convenient rubber teeth to catch filth.

    The Lint Roller Pro includes:

    • Roller to carry in your handbag
    • Small roller
    • Big roller with telescopic handle of up to 98 cm