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  • Bank notes have several security elements, both magnetic (MG) and ultraviolet (UV). The Banknote Check fake note detector offers reliable detection thanks to its double verification and control system (ultraviolet and magnetic: UV+MG). Now you can use this useful and effective device from TheBestStock to verify validity of bank notes in seconds. Easy to use and very convenient thanks to its small size (Approx. 3 x 9 x 2.5 cm) and light weight (Approx. 35 g). Hanging strap included. Battery-operated (4 x LR44, included). This fake note detector is valid for euros, pounds and dollars.

    Banknote Check is very user-friendly. To check the authenticity of bank notes, simply press the MG button and pass the magnetic head of the detector over the serial number or the security thread of the central part at the back of the bank note. A beep will confirm that the bank note is authentic. By pressing the UV button you can activate an ultraviolet light to verify the invisible ultraviolet marks of bank notes.

  • Forget about annoying brushes and rollers! TheBestStock brings you the fabulous Easy Paint Gun paint sprayer! Save time and money applying an even paint layer easily and quickly with Easy Paint Gun. Thanks to this useful paint sprayer you can paint on any surface, both indoors and outdoors, getting a perfect professional finish. Easy Paint Gun is compatible with all kinds of paint and ideal for the most difficult areas to paint, like corners and holes.

    The revolutionary Easy Paint Gun paint sprayer is very easy to use and has been designed for your comfort. Simply hang it on your shoulder and carry it anywhere you want to paint. The Easy Paint Gun is based on a modern advanced paint spraying system. With this convenient paint sprayer you’ll avoid the dripping and stains of traditional painting systems, and you’ll save paint when spraying.

    Stop painting by hand and try the Easy Paint Gun! Painting your home won’t be an uncomfortable and difficult task anymore. It’ll be easy and fun, all thanks to this incredible paint sprayer from TheBestStock!

    The Easy Paint Gun paint sprayer includes:

    • Paint gun (approx. 17 x 17 cm)
    • Flexible tube (approx. 1.50 m long x 3 cm of diameter)
    • Paint gun body (approx. 25 X 18 X 13 cm)
    • Paint tank: 800 ml (approx. 11 cm of diameter x 14 cm high)
    • Hanging strap (approx. 1 m)
    • Power cable: Approx. 2 m

    Technical features of the Easy Paint Gun paint sprayer:

    • Maximum air pumping: 1.5 L/min
    • Maximum viscosity: 30 DIN/s
    • Acoustic pressure: 64.6 dBA
    • Acoustic power level: 75.6 dBA
    • Vibration: under 2.5 m/s2
    • Nozzle diameter: 2.0 mm
    • Voltage: 220 V – 50 Hz
    • Power: 650 W

    Do you want to become a distributor and sell this paint sprayer in your own e-shop? Get your synchronised dropshipping shop now with TheBestStock quality guarantee. TheBestStock is a dropshipping supplier with years of experience in B2B wholesale throughout Europe. Learn more on our online shop.

  • Get the incredible Engrave Marker engraving pen and buy it wholesale at TheBestStock! Use it to customise your favourite items or valuables! With this engraver, you’ll be able to personally engrave items originally and creatively. Visit our website to find out how to become a distributor and for all the information on our dropshipping shops. Sell without having to store the stock!

    The Engrave Marker engraver includes 2 tips to engrave different surfaces (glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc.). Also, it’s very easy to use thanks to its small size (approx.: 3 x 17 cm). Battery operated (2 x AA, not included).

  • TheBestStock is constantly updating its catalogue with the most interesting new products at unbeatable prices, such as the Foldabits cable identifiera (pack of 6), a must-have for your dropshipping business! Very useful to easily distinguish cables according to their functionality.

    • Made of silicone
    • Includes 6 identifiers with different icons and colours
    • Approx. dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 0.2 cm
  • At TheBestStock we have the most clever solutions at the best prices and today we bring you the Furn Force sofa savers. These sofa support boards have been specially designed to strengthen the base of sofas, armchairs and even beds. Furn Force is based on a set of boards. These boards can be extended or even cut to get the desired dimensions. Simply combine and put the sofa support boards together to adapt them to the base of the surface you want to make stable or firm (sofa, armchair, etc.). It’s very easy and you don’t require any tools. Simply put the Furn Force sofa savers under the seat cushions of your sofa, armchair or mattress, and you’ll get instant firmness.

    Furn Force provides great stability and comfort. It’s perfect for old armchairs or sofas. The Furn Force sofa savers have been designed for daily use. The are made of a special resistent, durable and lightweight plastic.

    Save time and money! Try these useful sofa support boards from TheBestStock and keep using your old sofa or armchair with renewed comfort.

    Furn Force includes 6 sofa savers of approx. 10.5 x 48 cm.

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  • Discover the virtues of the new PWR Work angle grinder from TheBestStock at an incredible price! This convenient power tool, also known as side grinder or disc grinder, is designed to cut, grind and polish different materials and surfaces such as masonry and steel. Removable side handle made of non-slip rubber, spanner, two springs and instruction manual included. Grinding discs not included. The PWR Work angle grinder operates on mains power. This side grinder of approx. 32 x 10.7 x 12.2 cm and 1.564 kg is extremely effective for your home improvement tasks.

    Technical specifications of the PWR Work angle grinder:

    • Power: 500 W
    • Voltage: 230 V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • No-load speed: 11000 rpm
    • Disc diameter: 115 mm
    • Spindle thread: M14
    • LwA (Sound power level): 88.8 dB
    • LpA (Sound pressure level): 99.8 dB
    • Double insulation

    The PWR Work is a must in your tool shop or home improvement store. Buy this power tool wholesale now or use our dropshipping service! Visit our tools section and get the best products on the market.

  • Offer PWR Work Cordless Drill at Wholesale Price. Buy Home Improvement Tools Wholesale